Toddlers & Preschoolers


Daily Schedule

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8:00-9:00am Greetings & Individual Play






AM Snack


Outside: Short Field Trips around the neighborhood (weather, nature, etc)

Or Inside: Cooking & baking activities, arts & crafts


Outdoor Time


10:10-11:10am Circle time: Chinese (Chinese word recognition, songs, Poems, Story, etc.)

Academic Projects (ABC book, writing Chinese words, numbers & ABC, etc.)

11:15-11:30am Lunch Time
11:35-12:00pm Music & Dance Time (Songs & dancing, singing, movement)
12:05-2:05pm Nap Time
2:10-2:25pm PM Snack



Circle Time (story, reading, Chinese, songs & poems, etc.)


3:00-3:30pm         Free Play

3:35-4:00pm Chinese writing, Drawing, Arts & Crafts (Coloring, Necklace making, etc.)
4:05-4:30pm Dinner Time
4:35-6:00pm Inside: Writing ABC, Numbers, Chinese, Arts & Craft, free draw & play, Pick up.

Or Outdoor: Free Play, and Pick up Time

*Changes will be made pending the weather


**All outdoors activities are pending weather


Academic Project Circle Time (story reading, Chinese songs & poems, etc)