Fees & Tuition

Tuition is based on the number of days a student is in care and the student’s age. We are open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am – 6pm. A minimum of 3 days enrollment is required.

Tuition is due monthly & from the 25th-31st of the prior month (i.e. August’s tuition would be due from July 25-31). Tuition paid after the 30th or 31st will be charged a $2 late fee per day starting the 1st.

Late Pick Up: Pick ups after 6pm will be charged $5/minute. Pick ups past 6:30pm until 7pm will be charged at $10/minute. Pick ups past 7pm are charged at the director’s discretion.

 3.6 – 5 year olds monthly tuition: 

  • 5 days of attendance a week: 1600
  • 4 days of attendance a week: 1580
  • 3 days of attendance a week: 1560

25 months – 3.5 years old monthly tuition: 

  • 5 days of attendance a week: 1900
  • 4 days of attendance a week: 1880
  • 3 days of attendance a week: 1860

10 months – 24 months monthly tuition:

  • 5 days of attendance a week: 2280
  • 4 days of attendance a week: 2260
  • 3 days of attendance a week: 2240

Materials Fee: There is an additional $40 monthly materials fee for all students age 2 and up.

Covid Fee: There is an additional $40 monthly fee due to the ongoing pandemic for the extra PPE & sanitizing needed.

There are no make up days for part-time students for school and national holidays or personal sick days & vacations. Students are expected to pay tuition in full for all student and school holidays. There are no refunds once tuition is paid. 

Tuition can be made via check or Zelle.

Please make checks to: El Cerrito Chinese Preschool or ECCPS. 

New Student Fees: There is a one-time non-refundable registration/enrollment/processing fee of $268 total for all new students.