About Us:

We are a Chinese (Mandarin) immersion pre-school located conveniently in El Cerrito near Harding Elementary School, the El Cerrito Plaza BART station, and the El Cerrito plaza. We opened in February 2006 as a small family daycare and have since evolved into a preschool with diverse students from different backgrounds. No prior Chinese background is necessary or required.

Our Program:

We accept students starting at 6 months until 6 years old.

The students are spoken to in Mandarin on a daily basis. Colors, numbers, songs, daily conversations and salutations, etc. are taught daily in both Mandarin and English. Extra preparation for those preparing to enter kindergarten in the upcoming year is provided but all students are taught the basics (ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, money, time, etc.) much earlier.

Lunch, a PM snack, and dinner are provided everyday, with a focus on healthy, wholesome foods at every meal.

Students do not need to be potty trained to be enrolled.  Potty training is provided when the student is ready and/or at the parents’ request.  We work closely with parents to ensure a smooth transaction from diaper to toilet.

Our Staff:

Principal Shirley has over twenty years of experience as a teacher in China and works closely with each student to ensure their personal growth while encouraging social skills, learning, and independence.

Director Kiki has over ten years of experience working with students through various channels, including her own tutoring center and private tutoring. She has been with ECCPS from the beginning and works to introduce new interactive materials (music, arts & crafts, STEM, etc).

Teacher to student ratio is at most 4:1.

Contact Information:

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:

Email: ecchinesepreschool@gmail.com

Shirley by phone: 510-816-8949

Kiki by phone: 510-374-9268

We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our preschool family!